A Day at The Races

When I lose my north I find myself needing to see something I have never seen before.
Even if it wasn’t my original direction, at least it’s something new.
In the past year I have fallen in love with the Marx Brothers. Their film of A Day at the Races was stuck in my DVD player. So I watched it every night before I went to sleep. And my admiration for them only grew.

They are incredible. I kept noticing how all of the comedians I admire have been influenced by them one way or another.

It’s felt as though I found where everything that has made me laugh originated from.

For example, the surgery scene in the Woody Allen film “Sleeper”, is influenced by the Doctor scene in “A Day at the Races”.

During my family’s Thanksgiving lunch, I asked my younger cousin Carly to take me to the race tracks with her.
Carly is a very gifted soul. Not only is she a remarkably intelligent individual, with extraordinary knowledge of ancient history, she is also a Horse Racing wiz.
She has been writing articles for Horse Racing magazines since she’s 8 years old.
Last Saturday was the first time I went with her.
I think this might be something I’ll be doing often from now.
I’ve fallen in love with the experience.
Seeing incredibly raw individuals who are relying on a horse to win.


My first visit to Berlin in March 2008

Trying to figure out my next steps, knowing that Berlin is most likely my new direction. This thought caused me to look for the pictures I took during my first visit to Berlin six years ago.
I fell in love with the city instantaneously, and enjoyed revisiting my first images there.
Will forever be grateful to Margaret Muller, Tal Kirshboim, Ariel Armoni and Galia Mann for a beautiful and memorable visit.

African refugees protest in Israel

I have been reading about the situation of the African refugees in Israel from afar for many months now. The first day I got back home, I heard that there is a huge protest gathering in Rabin square. I felt a great urgency to walk over there and see it for myself. It was quite an overwhelming experience.  Here is a link to an article about the protest and the reasonings behind it.




These pictures were taken during the week of Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY. accompanied by Keith, the man I share my life with. We were very luck to not be affected by the hurricane. We did not lose power and our floors were dry. Which caused the feeling of being an outsider to all of this.

I was personally fascinated by the idea of New York, the city that never sleeps, eerily switched off.

There was something so bare and echoing in the forced silence it created downtown. When you take out the people coming into the city during a day, you are left with mainly the ones who live there.

It was incredible to see New York as a neighborhood of surreal characters, The “New Yorkers” that are now living in the dark.

At the time I was having difficulty starting a new chapter in my life in New York. So when the electricity was being brought back,  I was biking into the light. I felt that I needed the physical sensation of a switch being turned off and on again, in order to personally start over.

It was an incredibly different time in this obscure city.

Gaudi Layover

In the end of last summer I was heading to Israel for a comforting family visit.

I was going through a wild roller-coaster ride back in NY and really needed some family time.

When I scheduled my flight I found a cheaper deal if I have a seven hour layover in Barcelona. I planned it out that I will then find my way to see the famous Goudi cathedral – La Sagrada Familia.

I remember seeing it when I was 16 years old when I was visiting with my family. However I wanted to experience something  of such grandness as this structure as an adult. A physical awakening in a way.

Barcelona01      Barcelona02    barcelona03   barcelona04

barcelona05      barcelona06       barcelona07       barcelona08

Barcelona10      Barcelona13
Barcelona12   Barcelona14

Barcelona15          Barcelona16         Barcelona17        Barcelona18

Barcelona19    Barcelona20   Barcelona21    Barcelona22

Barcelona23      Barcelona24     Barcelona25       Barcelona26



      Barcelona29       Barcelona30

Barcelona31  Barcelona32  Barcelona33  Barcelona34

Barcelona35          Barcelona36               Barcelona37

Barcelona38    Barcelona40   Barcelona41   Barcelona42